Still At It…



     I really don’t like to post unfinished paintings, but at the rate I’m going this will be completed sometime next year.    This is a cropped close up of a bird of paradise, I believe it’s called.  It’s not nearly completed and is definitely in a ugly stage of  the process.  I have read that this is the stage where alot of artists give up.  I understand why now because I am completely lost.  If I were in school this is the point where I would raise my hand and ask for help from the teacher.    But despite my trouble, I am enjoying painting again. 

     I think I’m going to walk away from this painting for a little while, so i can come back with a fresh set of eyes.  I have a couple of commissions that I should be working on anyway. I will probably start on those Thursday (hopefully).

     I do have something good to share.  I found this paintbrush holder with two water reservoirs.  One  reservoir has a  grid at the bottom so that you can knock the paint off your brush and the other you can use for mixing.  I bought it from Joann’s Fabric.  It is from the  Donna Dewberry  line for  decorative painters. I love love love it!

One_Stroke_Brush_49672c82ac315With a price of under $10.00, you can’t beat it.  I also have their stay wet palette, but I’ll have to let you know on that one, but it looks promising.    Right now I’m using small dabs of paint and mix colors on my brush, but I feel certain I’ll need it when I start painting on a larger canvas. 

Well, I’m off.  David is in Canada,  Alana is at a sleepover and there is a new J.R. Ward book with my name all over it.

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