No Art Just News….

scan0001  For the last couple of days I have been cleaning out closets and such, and by the time I am able to sit down and draw I’m too tired….  But I do have a couple of things to share.

   My nephew Richie has had some local fame this week when  a reporter was gushing over his “mad skills”  on the skateboard and was put in Sunday’s paper.  He’s the one on the left about 10 feet in the air.  The boy has no fear what so ever and thankfully hasn’t broken anything (knock on veneer).  

    The other news is that my Everyday Matters  drawing group (based on the books by Danny Gregory) has it’s own super blog.  I think it’s a pretty neat.  Anyone can see art from artists all over collected in one blog.  It is definitely worth a look see.  Clicking  the words in bold above or clicking on my pear badge on the bottom right will take you right to it.   Seriously….grab a cup of something, sit in a comfy chair and browse…

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