Marilyn Monroe…

 Marilyn Monroe

Hollywood is a place where they will pay you a thousand dollars for a kiss and fifty cents for your soul.  -Marilyn Monroe

Graphite on Bristol Smooth

EDM #151 Free Choice

 Well, this is my third  portrait…All I’ll say is that I got a lot to learn, but I’m getting better (hopefully).  I love drawing hair, but drawing blond hair is pretty hard to pull off.  It may not look exactly like her but it was a good learning experience so I’m not going to be too hard on myself.  Drawing celebrities is intimating because everyone knows what the drawing is suppose to look like, but they sure are a lot of fun.  I can see why a lot of artists draw them.   I wonder who I’ll draw next?  

2 thoughts on “Marilyn Monroe…

  1. My first reaction to your portrait was out loud (tony is out, so I’m alone) – “Oh my, this is lovely.” You captured both her vulnerability and her beauty. If I were to critique, I would say only to soften the hairline next to the skin…but even that is unnecessary to the overall WELL DONE you’ve earned here.

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