Bug Eyed Baby…



Graphite on Bristol Smooth

     This little beastie belongs to my mom and little sister.  She is a Brindle Boxer and usually their ears stand up, but they opted to get her fixed instead of getting her ears clipped.  She is a sweet but hyper dog who has a hard time dealing with the fact that she’s a dog instead of a little girl.  Her bark is massive, which makes up for the fact that she’s scared of just about everything including the dark.  She loves to chew gum like a person and she will chew and chew until you take it away from her.  She has also tried to blow bubbles, but she can’t get her tongue to cooperate.  She can open doors and turn on any faucet in the house when she’s thirsty. Sounds really good except she can’t turn the faucet off.  She’ll get mad at Gail when she goes out, and fills her bed with garbage from the trash can, now that’s pissed huh?  
     Drawing her was a challenge.  Her eyes are so bugged and more almond shaped than I usually draw for dogs.  She’s really dark but I opted to make her lighter and “muddy’ up her appearance so all her little squished features would show up better, which was a wise choice in the end.  Doesn’t she look like a Shasta to you?

3 thoughts on “Bug Eyed Baby…

  1. I love the drawing looks just like her….You are right she does not know she is a dog,and she thinks she weights 3 pounds…

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