Graphite on Bristol Smooth

Photo by Sussu

    This is my second attempt at drawing a cat.  Again, I choose another  difficult composition.  They make the most interesting artwork, but it definitely makes it more difficult.  

    I guess you are wondering why I am drawing so many animals.  Well, one reason is that I have discovered an amazing author and artist.  She is so good that I bought four of her books.   What makes her even more incredible to me is that she even works in the same mediums that I finally decided to focus on which is graphite, colored pencil and acrylic.  I think she has written at least sixteen books and although I only have four of them I will have the rest before all is said and done.

    The second reason is that I just enjoy drawing animals, dogs especially.  

On an unrelated note:   Here in my neck of the woods it is suppose to be raining and it did a little early this morning.  But now we have clear skies, and  76 degree weather!  




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