Graphite on Sketch

    EDM #2 – Draw a desk lamp, or any other lamp.

This drawing is for my Everyday Matters group.   It’s my daughter’s lava lamp.  She loves this thing…..I don’t…. burns way too many bulbs.  This was really fun to draw.  My copy isn’t very good.  My husband bought me this great camera, but I don’t quite know how to use it yet. 

And speaking of daughters:

She is in the sixth grade and plays violin. Her orchestra  class competed in “Music in the Parks 2008” last weekend, and they were really really good. Anyway, they received 1st place with the whole group and the Advanced Orchestra (she’s not in) got 2nd place. Her dad and I are really proud of her.   

3 thoughts on ““GROOOOOOOOOOOVEY”

  1. yah thats me her daughter love play the violen in orchestra i am going in it next year its fun and think my mom is really talented i think she can really draw really good love yah mommy

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