Happy Friday!!

My week has been pretty calm, which is life speak for a little boring but stress free ūüôā But I do have some pictures to give you some idea of how my time passed:

p cWe finally installed our counter tops!¬† YAY!!!!!¬† I think David did a great job and we are so close to having our kitchen completed!!!!¬† I wanted black counters, but I was afraid that since our cabinetry is white that if we put in a solid black top it would make the kitchen look a little sterile.¬† I was hoping the silver gray would soften it some and I think it did.¬† Thank Goodness.¬† It really worried me that it would not work out…It would be an awfully costly mistake on my part.


Also, we have been trying to eat a little healthier.¬† We are not going crazy, but I need more grains and cut out the fried food.¬†And¬†¬†ever since I watch an episode of “How it’s Made” featuring Couscous and Quinoa, I’ve been more than a little intrigued as to what they would taste like…..and now I do.¬† The Couscous tastes okay and kind of reminds me of rice.¬† The texture is mushy and it’s the mushiness that gets me.¬† The Quinoa reminds me of the pellets that is in a stuffed teddy bear.¬† It’s kind of gritty and has a funny after taste.¬† Needless to say, these were not a favorite at my house and I don’t they will ever be on our plates again, lol…

beadsContainers copy¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Also, I have everything ready to sort and organize¬†my beads.¬† I bought the black boxes from Ikea¬†and I can’t even begin to tell you how well these are made.¬† Although Ikea has many sizes, these are CD/DVD storage cases.¬† I think they sell them 2/3.99.¬† I like them so much, that when we redo our living room I am going to use these to sort out our movies and music.


See I have been drawing;)¬† This one is going to take a long time…But I do have an ear partially done…

Well I guess that’s about it for me, for now.¬† Exciting stuff, huh?

Be Well and Happy!