More on Colored Pencils.



Lightfastness is how fast the colors lose their vibrancy and fade due to chemical breakdown in direct sunlight.  Most if not all colored pencil manufacturer’s have some pencils colors that are more robust and handle the sunlight better others.  Some artists will choose pencils that are more lightfast.  All mediums stand the risk of fading as well as anything exposed to UV rays.  My opinion is, anything with any pigment or dyes exposed to the direct sunlight will fade over time, so I don’t concern myself too much.

To aid in preventing your art from fading, Don’t hang your art near windows and doors. OR Make a print of your art and store the original in dark, dry place at room temperature.

Wax Bloom

Wax Bloom is the oxidation of the wax creating a white cast of film over your completed art.  To combat this:  First wipe your art down with a dry soft cloth and spray with a fixative.

Next week will be the last post in this series. Below, you see prompts for you to color map and paint.  It is not necessary to use my prompts.  Walk around your home.  Choose simple items in color and design, paint the items in your purse, tool bag, or junk drawer.  Choose anything, everything.

  1. leaf
  2. light bulb
  3. tree bark
  4. your favorite beverage
  5. all or part of a remote
  6. your front door
  7. a tube of lipstick / chap stick
  8. a tool
  9. a kitchen utensil
  10. a cookie
  11. sunglasses
  12. gloves
  13. jewelry
  14. a child’s toy
  15. a coaster
  16. a candle
  17. purse / wallet
  18. comb
  19. a colored pencil
  20. breakfast food
  21. favorite keepsake
  22. snack
  23. hairbrush
  24. a book
  25. nail file

I can’t stress enough how important it is to be proficient in mapping color.  It may be a pain, but it is so easy and helps you stay quite a few steps ahead of the game.

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Until Next Week….

Be Well and Happy!

My Random Week?

I need to come up with better titles.  LOL

Well I do not know about you guys, but someone forgot to tell Mother Nature that it is spring in Virginia too!  It was snowing on and off all day yesterday and it is about 35 degrees as of 11:00 a.m. today.  People here are optimistic though, when I went out yesterday.  I saw plenty of capris, sandals and flip-flops.  Can you say CRAZY!

My week went like most others…a little something like:

photo (3) I am still working on the colored pencil book but I decided to take a break from that and start a drawing project.  I only started last night so there is not much to show as of yet.

 I have been trying to read The Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkbookness.  The key word here is trying.   This book has had rave reviews like, “A page turner!”  “I couldn’t put it down!”  “Exciting!”  blah blah blah!  Me?  I’m having a hard time picking it up.  Is there something I am missing?  When I’m reading this book I have to make myself press on and it  is not pulling me in to the story line.  I’m still kind of early on, so I am going to make my self read more in hopes that it is just a slow start.

And in the Ottaway household, the youngest Ottaway got her  Driver’s license this week and Saturday she gets her class ring. I think she’s excited, but I’m never sure.   Good times ahead for Alana… scary and sad times for us.  Oh Joy! ~cue Sunrise, Sunset

Well Gosh, I guess that is about it.  I hope your week went well and weekend is better!


A VERY VERY Belated….


In January 2008 I began posting on Word press.  The reason I started my blog was that I grew tired of lugging my art back home for my family to see and also to minimize the risk of damage in transit.  And with the blog,  my kin can pop over and see what I am up to.  Well, it’s been 5 years with 101,174 visitors and 41 followers to date,  so it is a bit more to me now than storage space.  Which has been the best surprise ever!

I can not speak for everyone, but for me blogging and social media is more than “Hey, Look at me, Look at this!”    Blogging is a place where:

~Like minded people get together.  I have developed some wonderful relationships over the years.  After you read a blog for a certain about of time you do get emotionally invested in their lives.  Births, deaths, marriages, and divorce. I rejoice with them.  I have cried for them.  And I have had quite a few laughs!

~Learn from each other. If it were not for other bloggers I would not have learned to draw.  And I say this with absolute certainty.  I am sorry,  a lot of people will not agree with me but I am one of those people who believe anyone can learn to draw.  Anyone.  We may not all be Picasso’s or Monet’s but if you want it?  It is there. You just have to want it bad enough to practice; and practice a lot.  I use to believe it was all talent.  Not so, drawing and painting is more technical than gift and the talent is in the patience. (I do not have that much these days, LOL)  But I would have never known that and would not have bothered to learn at all if it were not for blogs.  And that is growing up with an artist living in the house!

There is so much information out there ripe for the picking, if you want to draw or paint or do anything creative.  And it is free!  Most of us want to help and are very eager to share what we know.  Giving back always weighs heavily on me.  I do feel an obligation to share what I have learned as well.  I have some ideas and I am still researching what I can do, but be assured I will do my part. And until then, I will an answer any question you may have.

~ Quite often it seems, the place you can get emotional support.  It is sad, really.  I read once and I am paraphrasing here,  A young lady was in a group, I guess in the middle of the conversation she called herself an Artist.  Her husband/boyfriend/Troll/dip-bleep called her down in front of the group and told her that she was not an artist and should not even call herself one.  Because his feelings were that to call yourself an artist you have to get paid!  The mortification that the poor girl felt, oh my goodness!  I still get mad when I think about it.  So please be careful and sensitive when you comment on someone’s blog.  Your words may be the one kind ones they receive.  And if you have to say something negative find something positive to say as well.

You can agree or disagree, but my definition of an artist is a person who creates.  period. end of story.  If you get paid for your work, then you become a professional artist.  Does being a “professional” artist make you a better artist?  No, absolutely not.  It only means that they have been able to market themselves better or had some very, very good luck.

~Self Confidence. It is very easy to post something awesome and flawless.  But when you are able to post things that you know suck?  Now, that’s confidence!  I tend to do that quite often and I will tell you that it sucks and point out everything that I do not like.  I do that because there are people out there who actually think that others have the Midas Touch and everything they do turns to gold. When actually 40 -60% of everything I do is poo.  Who Cares!  I do crank out a good one every now and again. But there are those stinkaroonies…And it is only fair that you see, the good, the bad and the ugly.

~Cons. The only con that I can think of is the hater.  Yes, I have been called names.  I have even been told off, as to why I still don’t know.   Not often, but it is there.   I remember  my first one.  It was at night, I grabbed my computer and took it in the living room crying to my husband.  Now, what he was going to do about it, I had no idea, I guess virtually beat them up ;).  I think I cried, because I did not want to approve that comment.  I read that it was wrong to cherry pick comments, but  it was mean and unkind and did not have anything to do with the post.

I just did not know what to do then I decided and I am going to be blunt here: My Blog. My Rules!   I have spent many hours of many years working my tail off learning to draw.  Yes, there are more artists better than me than not.  But this is my blog and I will not be disrespected in my own house.  I welcome constructive criticism but I will not approve comments or respond to a unhelpful,  mean-spirited  hater who’s only goal is to hurt me and put me in my place.  I hope you do not put up with such foolishness either.   Because you deserve better than to respond to someone who’s only goal is to watch (or read) just waiting for you to do a face plant!

Other than that Blogging is very rewarding and If you read my blog on a regular basis,  I just want  Thank you so very much and I appreciate your comments and support! I wish you knew how much it means to me.  And if you are visiting my blog, thank you for your time and I hope you drop by soon or you can click the sign me up box to follow me.  I guess that is it for now, and I really hope that I did not induce a nap.

To celebrate my blogaversary, I am going to  pull out a lovely square of 2013 Hershey chocolate from my sock drawer to munch on 😉  I hope you guys have a great weekend.




Zentangle Dare #46 by Erin of The Bright Owl

Colored Pencil and Micron on Card

I will start off by saying that I do not like this at all.  It is too busy and too confusing.  The paper choice did not help much, but live and learn I guess.  It is all about the journey right?   I do love the card stock and I think the scallops are very pretty.  If you are interested, I bought the cards at Michael’s Arts and Crafts.  It was in the dollar bins that are located in front of the checkout area.  I think there are at least 10 cards w/envelopes and it is available in cream.

I guess that is about it for me.  I am going to head on over to Erin’s blog and then  I am going to find another drawing project.  I do not know if it is going to be man, barn or beast.   But I’m committing to something today.

I hope you guys have a great Monday!

Be Well and Happy!

Worth the Likes…

I have a designated studio/office space to house and to work on my hobbies. But usually I will paint in the kitchen, bead and Zentangle in the living room, draw on my bed and I’ll read anywhere!

Did you notice none of the places mentioned was the studio/office space?   In my defense, I paint in the kitchen because I need the water and Acrylic can be easily removed from the counter but a nightmare to remove from the hardwood floor or my desk.  Also,  the lighting is much better in the kitchen.  As for the rest, I have no good excuse except maybe I am just an odd duck.

So, depending on what I am working on, one room (if not all 3) is a mess!

One day  I came across OrganizedlikeJen.   In this video, she was talking about counter space (I think) and as an afterthought really, she starting talking about this bin that she kept on a stool in the bar area of her kitchen.  I thought it was such a good idea so I began to acclimate a bin to suit my needs and it has been perfect in keeping the hobby clutter to a minimum.  I can take this in any room and at arm’s reach.

In  lieu of the fact that I can not find her video, I am posting pictures of my take of the “office on the  go”  or would it be “hobbyist on the go?”

portable office

We are still working on the kitchen and at the moment we have no baseboards…Sorry….  Anyway, this is my portable hobbyist on the go.  It could stand be a little wider, but so far it is working well for me.

Normally, there would be a book in there and beading supplies.  But I am not beading at the moment and I am reading on my tablet. The planner would be housed in the kitchen, and will be after the remodel.

office contents

It holds all of the everyday stuff that I enjoy so much.  I can put my things away without actually having to put them away.

And if I wanted to,  I could put in my tablet and chargers, throw it in my back seat of my car to take on trips:)

If you are interested in learning more about Organizedlikejen check out her new blog at and there you will find links to all of her channels.

Be Well and Happy!

Disclaimer:  I am not affiliated with any site, product or third party featured in this post, nor am I responsible for negative experiences incurred from using products or visiting the above sites.  My opinions are my own.


Below, is a couple of pictures of projects that has occupied me this week:

wip  This is the other ear of my drawing project.  I have about 12 hours invested in this so far and it is half completed.  This is a very slow process, but I think it is going to be one of my better pieces. If it doesn’t end up in File 13.  That is the relationship that I have with drawing.  The more I struggle? The better the outcome.

ear rings I also made myself these sterling silver earrings.  The two pieces were from an old necklace that belonged to Grandma Ottaway that I took apart and refashioned.  They are a little long, but I have really long hair so everything is in balance.  I really am enjoying making myself some jewelry for a change.

I guess that is about it.  What can I say?  My life is a Valium.  I have not been mindful of the my happenings this week.  I guess I just dribbled in a bowl, LOL

Do you ever have days or weeks like that?  Just lose track of time?

Have a wonderful weekend!

Be Well and Happy,