Diary of an Iphone…

With a few days of scattered showers, I can now tell that our cars aren’t yellow and I can breathe at least half the time ūüôā¬† I still got a few things accomplished and some things started and my week went a little something like this:

¬†A discovery that I liked this book.¬† bookWhew!¬† I finally got through this book.¬† Usually, I can get through a book this size in a¬†couple of sittings¬†(if it grabs my attention and nothing is on TV, LOL) But this book took 10 times longer to get through.¬† What’s to blame?

The first couple of hundred pages was¬†chock full of¬†medical, scientific and historical fact and jargon.¬† If you are the professorial type¬† I see you loving it.¬†But I’m not and I don’t. ¬†I kind of ¬†liken¬†the beginning of the book ¬†to The Big Bang Theory that has been stripped of humor and quirkiness. ¬†And then you have to take in account that the author is a History Professor.¬† I gave me a melatonin effect. Zzzzzzzz…..

But¬†when I reached¬†chapter 22 (I think)¬†the book¬†became so fast paced and exciting.¬† And I think that the reason the beginning was so dry, is because the plot is so extremely complicated.¬†And I am certain that if I skipped over the first part that I would not have understood a thing.¬† I thought about tossing the book aside and giving up, but I’m glad I didn’t and ended up loving the rest of the book!

This book contains just about all things paranormal with a little time travel thrown in at the end.  I am now looking forward to Book #2, can you believe it?  Here is an overview of the book.

Deborah Harkness, wherever you are, I so owe you an apology because even though the beginning was rocky, this was a great read ūüôāCinderella

¬†¬†I wanted to read something not quite as heavy so I¬†checked this book out from the library.¬† And I’m really hoping that this book is funny.¬† Going by the jacket it is promising. The name of the book is The Cinderella Pact and it is written by Sarah Strohmeyer.¬† Here is an overview of the book.


I also practiced a little witchdoctor’n or am I a medicine woman?






I wanted centerpieces for the kitchen and the living room.¬† And after a little research, I decided on terrariums.¬† I thought they would not only be pretty, but if I managed not to kill them I can repot them in bigger pots.¬† I was really excited to make these.¬†But what was strange was David was excited too. Then I found out¬†the reason he was so excited.¬†¬†He thought, It would¬†have some kind of themed village inside, like the Hobbit or trolls….uhhhh……I have one disappointed guy on my hands.

a pepper¬† There was a little art going on, but not much as I have had a headache off and on.¬†¬† This is the red pepper and I have a yellow and green to go.¬† I also started a drawing of a dog.¬† Man, the reference is so ugly that it’s cute.¬† But as I get into the drawing, it’s starting to look kind of creepy.¬† So, I don’t know…I don’t have much time invested in it yet.¬† And it may just be too creepy to invest more time.

And last but not least, I am very glad that I come up with a new title for the posts…Diary of an Iphone..SWEET!


I hope you guys have a great weekend with big smiles and sunny skies ūüôā

Be Well and Happy!

A Book Review For You….

I am¬†very proud to say that I have completed quite a few of my resolutions and¬†we are¬†still in January!¬† I have A LOT of resolutions this year for some reason.¬† But once I write a goal down, it might as well be tattooed on my skin for the whole year.¬†¬†One¬†aim for the New Year that I really need to tackle and tick off is what do about my slumbering blog.¬†¬† And after much thought and ideas from my family, I decided to do things a little different.¬† Yes, I will still post content about art when I have it :)….But¬†I do have varied interests¬†that I’d like to share¬†and at the same time let you know that I have not¬†fell off the¬†face of the earth.¬† It is my¬†intention to post something at¬†least a couple of times¬†a week, but it is¬†my hope to post everyday.¬† We will just have to see how it goes ūüôā

Creative Colored Pencil by Vera Curnow

We are going to start off with an informal book review of one of my recent purchases.  Being such a novice in colored pencil, I think I can provide a perspective that is in line with other artists that does not have a grasp of this medium.  And I know just enough, to be smart enough,  to say I do not know anything about colored pencils.

When I ordered this book, I was extremely excited.  I am starting to have a great love drawing landscapes and there are not many colored pencil books out there that are strictly landscape how to books.  So to come across this little gem was a WOW! I have got to have it!  kind of moment. But when the book arrived and I read through it, I was extremely disappointed.

Do not¬† get me wrong, this is a well written book showcasing beautiful artwork from various artists that we all know and love. But it¬†¬†is not a how to book.¬† Page after page you will see a thumbnail line drawing perspective from an artist with the corresponding color palette and a blurb of what to do (or not do) in a certain aspect of the¬†painting, but that is all you are getting.¬† And I think, sadly, ¬†the book description is misleading the readers.¬† It in no way diminishes the beauty of this book and if you are accomplished in this medium, but wanting to branch out into landscape, I can see this being very useful.¬† But for people like me?¬† It’s a look book.

Just for fun!


Moon Called by Particia Briggs

Mercy Thompson Novel Book 1

Yes, the secret is out, I will read just about anything.¬† From Jane Austin and Robert Frost to Patricia Briggs and Gilbert Morris, I just love them all.¬† But if you threatened me with a Taser for the truth, I would have to say romance novels are my favorite especially paranormal.¬† The world is harsh, full of heartbreak and sadness. Sometimes¬†a girl needs a happy ending ūüėȬ†¬†¬†Although, I never got the Fifty Shades of Grey thing.¬† I did read the trilogy and¬†thought it was kind of¬†silly and for some reason women went completely wild over Christian Grey.¬† I am thinking the reason¬†women are so in love with Mr. Grey was because he always made sure¬†Anastasia Steele ate and ate good!¬† Personally, ¬†I do not¬†need someone to tell me to eat or heap my plate full…I do fine all on my own, LOL

Moon Called is a pretty good read.  I will not give a synopsis because there are plenty out there and written by a better class of writers.   I do not care for the cover, it looks a little juvenile.  Mercy ( the heroine of the book) reminded me so much of Kat vonD that she was one who came to mind while reading this book. I think to date Ms. Briggs has seven books in the series and I will definitely be reading the second one.

Also I’ve read:

Dark Storm by Christine Feehan

Be Well and Happy Tuesday!